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Sat, May 13


Joe Overstreet Landing

9th Annual Scholarship Fundraiser Tournament

Saturday, May 13, 2023. $125.00 tournament registration includes entry for two anglers, two fishing shirts, and two dinner tickets.

Registration is Closed

Time & Location

May 13, 2023, 5:30 AM

Joe Overstreet Landing, 4900 Joe Overstreet Rd, Kenansville, FL 34739

About the Event

*Rules are Subject to Updates/Changes

  1. All rules are said and written to allow for a fair field. It is important that all participants read and understand. All Federal, State and local laws supersede. The rules will be enforced.
  2. Eligibility: Boat operator must be at least 19 years of age. Parent’s signature required for any minor fishing the event. Entry form must be filled out completely and signed by both participants.
  3. Insurance: All boats must have a mandatory minimum of $100,000 liability insurance. This is the user/owner responsibility. Anglers must be able to provide proof of insurance.
  4. Entry: Tournament entry fee is $125 online, $150 day of tournament. Entry fee is due by Midnight, May 5, 2023. Registration is available online for an additional processing fee.
  5. Fish limits/penalty: All anglers must use care in handling and keeping fish alive for release after weigh-in. All fish will be measured on golden rule. We recommend check your board to ours. No culling at weigh-in. No culling of dead fish. Dead BASS penalty will be 1 lb. per dead BASS fish. Exemptions will be provided. There must never be any more fish in live wells than a legal limit of five (5) at one time. Fish must be culled immediately.
  6. Boat operation: It is each angler’s responsibility to operate the boat always in a safe manner. A Coast Guard Approved vest must be worn at all times while the boat motor is on. Safety lanyard must be hooked to kill switch when outboard is running.
  7. Sportsmanship: It is imperative that anglers always carry themselves in a professional manner and respect other anglers as well as non-tournament anglers. No team may fish within 50 yards of another competitor who is anchored with the trolling motor up. No team may fish within 25 yards of another team without the other teams’ permission. No hole sitting by a non-competitor or by another competitor, to aid a team. All Teams are required to abide by State and Federal Laws. Any protest may be subject to disqualification.
  8. Boat/Horsepower regulations: Each boat must have all required U.S. Coast Guard safety equipment and properly operating live well systems. Live wells will be checked before launch. All boats must have a kill switch. All boats must have a U.S. Coast Guard plate. Motor horsepower will not exceed manufacturer recommendations.
  9. Tackle and equipment: Only artificial lures are permitted. There is no trolling. Only one rod is allowed per angler at a time. All fish must be caught on primary rod in use. There are not to be any additional rods or baits in the water while fishing. Only one lure at a time. NO multi-lure rigs. All bedding fish must be caught in the mouth. No snagging! Fish will be inspected.
  10. Permitted fishing areas: Anglers may never leave their boats unless in an emergency situation. There will be no angling outside of the boat. NO fishing in any off limits location from government or director. No fishing within 50 yards of an anchored boat (traditional or poles). Tournament waters will include Lake Toho, Cypress, Hatchineha, and Kissimmee. You may not lock south of Hwy 60. You may not cast upstream of the “No Fishing Past This Point” Sign below the Lock at Lake Toho. There are no off-limits unless director notifies.
  11. Tournament Hours: Safe light until 2:00 pm, this may be adjusted by director. Each team will be assigned a boat number in the order they arrive to check in. Anglers will be deducted 1 lb. for each minute late. Anglers will be disqualified after 15 minutes late.
  12. Emergency or Break down: An angler may contact another angler if needed. However, director must be notified. Anglers must identify their fish with some sort of marker or separation system before entering rescue boat. Fishing from rescue boat is not permitted.
  13. Winners in the Osceola Anglers Fundraising Tournaments are required to take lie detector tests.
  14. Protest: Protest must be presented in writing to Tournament Director prior to launch or during weigh-in accompanied by a fee of $100. Once weigh-in concludes or monies are rewarded protest are null. Fee will be returned if protest is upheld by director. Any accusations made without written statement or deposit could result in disqualification of protester. Tournament Board Members are Lamar Chisholm, Robert Soileau, and Kevin Heard.
  15. No baiting of any kind to include brush piles and grasses.
  16. No fishing of personal brush piles that the angler placed or knows were put out illegally.
  17. Winners will be required to complete a W-9 Form prior to receiving checks!
  18. For Tournament Information please contact Lamar Chisholm 407-908-9587

Liability Release

  1. I/We are voluntarily participating in the 2023 Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club Inc. Fundraiser Fishing Tournament scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2023.
  2. I/We are aware that my/our participation in the tournament creates a risk of personal injury.
  3. My/Our participation could cause loss or damage to personal property.
  4. I/We expressly agree to assume all risks of personal injury / loss of personal property.
  5. I/We  hereby release and discharge Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club Inc., all other co-sponsors, their officers, agents, and all other volunteer workers from injuries, damages or loss sustained, caused by negligence.

Photo Release

  1. I/We are voluntarily participating in the 2003 Osceola Anglers High School Fishing Club Inc. Fundraiser Fishing Tournament scheduled for Saturday, May 13, 2023.
  2. I/We understand and agree that my photograph or video tapes may be taken during the course of my/our participation by tournament organizers, sponsors or media. As a voluntary participant in this tournament, I/We agree that photographs or video tape taken may be used for commercial purposes by the organizers of this event , sponsors and news media without royalties or prior consent , unless specified in writing prior to the event.
  3. I/We have read the release and liability participation agreement and understand all terms and conditions. I/We sign up voluntarily and without reservation.


  • Annual Scholarship Fundraiser

    $125.00 tournament registration includes entry for two anglers, two dry fit shirts, and two dinner tickets, and a goody bag with drinks and snacks.

    Tax: +$5.00 Proc. Fee
    Sale ended
  • Big Fish

    Tax: +$0.80 Proc. Fee
    Sale ended
  • Junk Fish

    Tax: +$0.80 Proc. Fee
    Sale ended
  • Additional Dinner Ticket

    Additional dinner tickets for spectators. Dinner tickets will be provided to those fishing in the event.

    Tax: +$0.60 Proc. Fee
    Sale ended



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