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Become a Volunteer

If you are passionate about fishing and would like to help mentor and educate the next generation of anglers, then we have just the spot for you!

The club conducts several community events and tournaments each season. We try to instill “you sow what you reap”. You help and stand by the community and the community will stand by the club. Hard work pays off if you stay with it.

Osceola Anglers has found a need within Osceola County, to provide a sport that is not within each high school at this time. We have responded by providing an opportunity for students to participate in both their high school sports as well as the club. The impact we have had so far within our community is more than we can measure.

Our vision, as adult club advisors, is to provide exceptional experiences for our anglers in learning how to become a productive and active member within their communities. In doing so, it is our hope that they are able to promote themselves, their sport, and their community.

Without the support of our sponsors and volunteers, our club would cease to exist. Our volunteers spend countless hours preparing legal documents and other club material to help guide and advise our anglers in running a successful club.

The club will always need help during a tournament, fundraiser or any other event scheduled for the season. Please complete the form below if you would like to help

Requirements: Pass a background check conducted by Osceola County Sheriff's Office

Current Volunteer Opportunities
Finance Assistant

The Finance Assistant is responsible for keeping a record of all funds within the club.  Stays in contact with the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committees.  Provide a financial report for all meetings.

Sponsorship Advisor

The Adult Sponsorship Advisor keeps a record of all sponsorships for the club.  Making sure that each club member meets his or her obligation for the club.  Also, must keep a record of how and when the sponsorship was used. 

Event and Volunteer Specialist 

The Event and Volunteer Specialist provides direction and organization of setup and tear-down of all tournaments and selected events. Recruit adult volunteers, maintain volunteer database, act as a single point of contact for communications, and assigns responsibilities for each event/tournament.


The Weigh Master makes sure all scales are calibrated and working properly.  Oversees accurate weights and measurements during weigh-ins.   Create high energy and engaging weigh in for Anglers and Spectators. 


Need help delivering and setting up the weigh station and trailer.  The trailer and weigh station are the most crucial stations we have.  These stations are the major parts involved in the giving of our scholarships.


Need help delivering and setting up the tank, by filling and emptying it before and after each tournament.  Help keep anglers in line and patiently wait until called upon for weigh station table.


The Photographer will help organize the anglers at the picture station.  Anglers need to be quick, for the fish’s safety, stand between the banners, holding the fish out in front of them.  Anglers need to be respectful to the fish and others.


Boat Captains must be at least 19 years of age, have their own boat with a working live well, and insurance. Captains are there to act as mentors, coaches, and observers.  Boat captains are allowed to fish in an Osceola Anglers tournament, and bring in one legal fish to weigh-in.  

Volunteer With Us

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