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Dylan Singleton

12/3/01 - 8/28/22

Dylan Singleton. Son, brother, friend. He will always be remembered for his smile and his ability to lift the spirits of those around him. We are all grateful for the time we had to know him and the amazing person that he was.  Dylan may have come to us in a small package, but he definitely filled the room and our hearts with a larger than life attitude. 

A friend to all and a stranger to none. 

Forever in our hearts!

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His love for fishing and the outdoors

Dylan joined Osceola Anglers in 2017. His passion for fishing was evident from the start. Throughout the years he fished with his best friends, Tyson and Kade. Beyond fishing, Dylan volunteered alongside the rest of his club family to support the community through various events. Even after his time with the club, he always showed up to our tournaments to support his friends still fishing. 

In honor of Dylan, Osceola Anglers will be working closely with his family to create a scholarship in his name to be awarded to a deserving angler.  

If you would like to donate in honor of Dylan and his family, please use the link below. Alternatively, you may contact us at or through his parents.

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In honor of Dylan


Thank you for your donation in memory of Dylan. !

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